Saturday, 14 September 2013

Recipe Indian beauty mask with turmeric to reduce acne pimples

Face mask • • • acne • pimples blackheads

This recipe for Indian beauty reduces acne and skin tone buttons. Turmeric is widely used by Indian women for its anti-acne, anti-aging and even skin tone qualities. In addition, it enhances the golden highlights mats dyed and tanned.

Pause: 10 minutes (matte or tan) / 5 minutes (light skin)
To do: once a week

1 c. to c. turmeric for dark or tanned skin or ½ tsp. to c. for clear skin
juice of a tomato
1 c. in s. milk

Preparation and application:
Mix all ingredients.
Apply on face avoiding the eye area.
Leave on for 15 minutes.

c. to c. : Teaspoon
c. in s. : Tablespoon

Mask with honey and rose water for combination skin

Face mask • • combination skin

This mask allows natural matte areas that tend to shine (nose, forehead, chin) while hydrating combination skin. It combines the moisturizing properties of honey to the matting effect of rose water.

Pause: 15 minutes

To do: 1 time per week

1 c. in s. liquid honey
2 c. in s. rose water

Preparation and application:
Mix honey and rose water
Apply to the face using a cotton ball or a flat brush, avoiding the eye area.
Leave on for 15 minutes

c. to c. : Teaspoon
c. in s. : Tablespoon

purifying mask and cucumber for oily skin and acne

Face mask • cleansing • • acne • oily pores

This mask helps purify oily skin, reducing the appearance of acne blemishes and tighten pores.

To do: once a week

Pause: 5-10 minutes

half a cucumber
1 tbsp s. Rasul (powder or tablets)

Preparation and application:
Peel the cucumber and place it in a blender.
Add Rasul and mix well.
If the mixture is too thick, add a little mineral water.
Apply on face avoiding the eye area.
Leave on for 5-10 minutes (until the mask begins to dry in places, do not wait until it is completely dry)
Rinse with warm water

bdrm. : Teaspoon
ie s. : Tablespoon

Milk Mask and almonds to brighten and even out skin tone

Face mask • • • brighten the complexion dull complexion

This natural mask to lighten and even out the complexion.

Pause: 15 minutes

To do: one to three times per week

1 c. in s. ground almonds
1 c. to c. lemon (do not add if your skin is dry, the lemon dry skin)

Preparation and application:
Mix the ground almonds and lemon.
Gradually add milk until thick and creamy.
Leave on for 15 minutes.

c. to c. : Teaspoon
c. in s. : Tablespoon

Thursday, 12 September 2013

How to choose a hair straightener for curly hair very curly

Plates temperature through prices: 8 things to know to choose a good hair straightener for curly hair very curly. Ceramic Infrared, ionic, tourmaline, nano titanium: jargon straighteners straight out of sci-fi will have no secret for you ...

1. The plates must be 100% or 100% ceramic titanium (titanium)

Often cheaper, the plates are just covered with ceramic (ceramic coating) make smoothing longer, it will pass the straightener several times on the same strand, which will damage and dry out your hair.

It is therefore absolutely necessary to choose plates full ceramic or titanium.

2. Choose plates black ceramic or tourmaline

The black ceramic plates (black ) Are for thick, curly to kinky.

The "best" for ceramic tourmaline plates are to facilitate sliding, makes hair shine and prevent electric hair. In a single pass, the hair is under control!

These plates are very resistant, even under strong temperature. Your hair straightener will be more robust and you keep even longer if you make frequent use.

3. Choose the size of the plates according to the length and thickness of your hair

For thick and / or medium to long hair, flat iron plates must be wide or long. Long plates are all the same, more malleable than wide.

For short hair, a flat iron to narrow plates will be easier to use.

4. What temperature to choose?

For its smooth even very curly hair, never exceed a temperature of 200 degrees!Above, this will damage your hair and do not necessarily accelerated smoothing. A good flat iron to 180-200 degrees will give much better results than a bad iron at 230 °.

However, if you apply kits smoothing Brazilian "home", it is essential that your flat iron can get at temperatures of 220-230 ° C in order to seal the keratin in the hair.

Prefer a flat iron with rounded edges if you want to do curls or waves. 5. In addition, the rounded shape makes it more malleable and you avoid burning your ears!

6. Ion, infrared, steam: is it really necessary?
Infrared: not necessary. "Infra Red" function ensures that the heat is distributed evenly on the plate flat iron, this qu'assurent DEJE good ceramic or tourmaline plates.
Ion: not necessary. The "ionic" function make the hair less power. It is not necessary that a flat iron with good plates (ceramic, tourmaline or titanium) should greatly minimize the phenomenon of static electricity.
Steam or use on damp hair: not recommended. In general, water and flat iron does not mix, it would "grill" your hair!

7. Other handy things that can be very useful
Heating time: to check for the impatient. The best flat irons do not put more than 30 seconds to heat up.
LCD screen displays the temperature. Not to exceed 200 degrees!
Automatic shutdown: the smoother stops automatically after a certain period when it is no longer used (usually 30 minutes). Essential for the dizzy!
Swivel cord and long cable (at least 2 meters) allows ease of movement and gives a comfortable use

8. What price for an iron smoothing performance on very curly hair curly?

In terms of hair straightener, there are no secrets, quality pays! So invest in a good iron for the damage caused by improper iron will make you lose a lot of money in aid to repair your dry, brittle hair.
Between 70 and 180 euros: If you have long or thick hair and are a fan of daily smoothing, so invest in a good ... but expensive! It will last longer and in the end you will win!
40 to 70 euros: If you use 2-3 times a week.
Below 40 euros if you use it very occasionally for parties or you have short hair

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Pina Colada Recipe- With A Special Touch!

Known as the official beverage of Puerto Rico, the Pina Colada is enjoyed around the world, for those who love the great taste of coconut and pineapple; flavors here combine to make a refreshing cold drink. In this time-tested recipe, combine the cream of coconut  with Pineapple Juice . Take a sip and see how this specialty tropical cools you up on the hottest days of summer.